What is Messaging?

Whether you're a consumer product or a B2B brand, an old-timer or an upstart, you need to know what makes you distinctive. Not only will this help you to achieve your wider business goals, but it can also help you understand and communicate more efficiently with your team, and even clarify your own thought process and individual goals as a leader.

Our process can be used by any company, and consists of three key parts...



You know your customers, so we spend our time getting to know you: challenging you to think creatively about all elements of your business.

We'll help you reflect on your product and process, to understand what resonates with you, your team and your audience. By exploring what genuinely makes you unique, not just what you think people want to hear, you develop integrity, authority and authenticity.


Based on your key messages, we help you separate out your process goals (what you need to do internally) from your messaging goals (what you need to tell your audience), so you can tap into your audience's emotional needs without losing your focus.

We work with you to make sure that everything inside and outside is symbiotic without becoming cluttered, and everyone is on the same page.




Memorable brands focus their communications on implicit, rather than explicit, messaging (i.e. they tend to show rather than tell). We call this 'unconscious messaging', and we're really good at it.

We'll help you understand how branding can be behavioural as well as visual and verbal, so you can shout about your accomplishments without, well, shouting...

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