Finding your Tone-Of-Voice

Not all businesses can have an amazing in-house copywriter (in fact, we're few and far between!), so our aim is to help you discover a tone of voice that works for your whole team. 

There is no singular perfect tone of voice, but we'll focus on helping you capture these three elements...



You may not be the oldest or most established voice in your field, but we'll help you to uncover your expert niche. Establishing authority - through great content or meaningful partnerships - conveys confidence and gravitas.

We'll help you to develop the tools to ensure that your customers and clients always feel in safe hands.


Consumers are becoming increasingly smart to advertising tricks, so it's refreshing to find a brand that isn't behaving cynically.

We'll help you reflect on how you can simplify your communications from top to bottom, to ensure that everything is in line with your values. We'll guide you in exploring how to develop deep expertise from scratch, and show you how to speak honestly without sacrificing personality.




We call it Behavioural Branding; but it means that from top to bottom (or side to side), every person, action and decision in your business follows the principle of "say what you mean, and mean what you say".

We'll never encourage you to make an unsustainable decision, as we believe that everyone in your business needs to be able to replicate your tone of voice.  Our aim is to see you build meaningful and enduring relationships.